11 Actionable Twitter Tips You Can Use Right Now

Twitter should help drive revenue for your business. Used in the right way, exposure for your Brand and Services can be multiples of traditional marketing methods.


So how do you find tips that actually work?

Well today I’m going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is take a few minutes of your day and tackle one of the 11 tips below.


Having followers is one thing, but having the right followers that act as Brand Ambassadors is another. These high profile users have a huge following and their reach online can be massive. Take advantage of this straight away.

1.Search for the right people. In this instance let’s run a search for #marketing. This will bring up a list of tweets with the hashtag ‘marketing’ – a good start but let’s dig deeper. Look for the popular tweets with plenty of shares  / retweets and copy the @names into a quick list.


2.Next take this list and look at each Twitter profile. How many times do they tweet, number of followers, number they follow. You want high numbers of each to increase your chances of success. Now follow them.


3.Interact with each of these Twitter accounts – Like their tweets and give them a retweet. Chances are they will follow you back! Sounds simple doesn’t it. Super effective though and the possibilities are endless.

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2.Use Hashtags like they are going out of fashion

A very easy tip is to use hashtags ‘#’ every time you tweet. It is the simplest way to get your story in front of the right people. I’ll just repeat that – It is the simplest way to get your story in front of the right people.


Do your research into which hashtag works best for each piece of content or tweet you send out.


If you are targeting people in the marketing space a simple #marketing at the end of your tweet drops the tweet into the Marketing twitter feed and they don’t even have to be following you to see it.

1.First you need to understand hashtags, the popular ones and how to target the right audience. Here is a handy website that shows the most popular hashtags trending now, but you should also check your trending terms on the Twitter dashboard.


You can often hijack trends and use them to boost your exposure (if it’s relevant to your Brand). These lists are closely monitored and you can grab plenty of attention if you get it right.


2.Use at the most two hashtags per tweet. As mentioned they are a great way to get your story in front of the right people but too may hashtags just makes your tweet look bad and it will most likely be ignored.


3.Here are a few more handy tools, to help you research your hashtags, before you go on a wild tweeting spree:


Sprinklr – Cloud based customer management system that covers everything imaginable from a customer point of view.


Netbase – The fastest, most accurate Social Media Analytics platform on the planet.

Additional resources to help understand and use Twitter hashtags:


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John E Engle – How to use hashtags to grow your Business [Infographic]


Postplanner.com– How to use hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

3.Stand out from the Crowd and don’t be an Egg

You spend a small fortune on your website, print off fancy business cards and use headed paper to keep your Brand consistent so why should your Social Media profiles be any different?

Here are a few easy steps you can take to get your profile to shine and it only takes about 10 seconds.

1.Profile picture. I am still amazed at the amount of Eggs on Twitter. This is understandable for a new user but once you get going make sure to set a decent profile picture.


If the Brand is you then use a clear professional headshot. If it’s a company account then use something like your logo but rework it to suit the twitter profile picture dimensions.


2.Background. Get your company page to stand out with a professional twitter background. This is prime Real Estate and should be used to the maximum. 


Here is a great example from Rebekah Radice that shows how it should be done. Notice the extra text you can embed into the image – a nice clear call-to-action and website URL right there in front of your followers or potential clients.


3.Fill out your BIO properly and include a couple of #hashtags right there in the text. These are searchable and will help you show up when people are looking for your services. Don’t go overboard – remember it still needs to be readable.

Additional resources to help build a better twitter profile:


Social Media Examiner –How to Make Your Twitter Profile Stand Out


Some great examples of well designed Twitter profile pages


Jay Baer –  https://twitter.com/jaybaer

Econsultancy.com – https://twitter.com/Econsultancy

Ian Cleary Razorsocial.com – https://twitter.com/IanCleary

4.Build a list and watch the followers flow in

I ran a test a while ago to see if using Twitter lists could help in my quest to get the attention of the right type of Twitter followers.

This worked far better than expected and has landed me some very high profile followers so give it a go

1.Go to your twitter profile and on sub menu click ‘Lists’. Then on the righthand column click ‘Create new list’. This will build a blank list for you called marketing. Now to populate this list.


2.Open up IFTTT – If This Then That – and create an account if you don’t have one already. Next you want to search for the following recipe – ‘Build a twitter list from a specific hashtag’ or just click here. Link this to your Twitter account and to your list and away you go.


3.The final piece of the puzzle is to monitor your Twitter account for comments and mentions about your list. I constantly get new followers just because I have added them to my list.


If they message you make sure and interact to secure that all important follow. Plus if you answer them they will be more inclined to hang around.


A final note on Twitter lists. These are limited to 5000 users per list but you can create as many as you like…

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5.Add value and don’t do the hard sell – ever

I find the most effective way to use Twitter is to share good content and add value. Don’t always try and sell just your services as this gets old very quickly.

There are plenty of sources for great content online and a few very handy platforms that show you the best content that gets the most Social shares etc.

Will this resonate with your target audience – Try it and find out. 


This tip has landed me some of my best followers to date. 

1.First thing I always do when on the hunt for relevant content it to head over to http://buzzsumo.com/ and take a look at whats trending in the Marketing space.

This is a great source of posts and pages that are hitting the high notes on Social Media right now. Depending on your plan you can look at posts within the last 24 hours right up to 2 hours ago.


2.Next thing you need to do is to open an account with Buffer. Buffer is a great tool that lets you schedule and queue up Tweets and Facebook post updates.


You can simply grab the URL from the links with Buzzsumo and post them into your Buffer feed. Set the schedule and away you go.


3.If you want to take this to the next level you can grab yourself an Agency account in Buzzsumo and take advantage of their API to feed directly into Buffer.


This gives you an unlimited supply of fresh content that you can push straight out into your feed.

Additional resources on tools that help feed your Twitter:


Duct Tape Marketing – How And Why I Use Buzzsumo


Socialtalent.co –How To Use Buffer To Schedule Social Media Posts


Sociallysorted.com – How To Skyrocket Your Tweets Using Buffer App


6.Timing is EVERYTHING

This is a simple tip and can make all the difference between success and failure on Twitter.


If you are trying to connect with customers in a timezone other that the one you work in then make sure they actually see your tweets. Sounds simple yeah…


I’ve lost count of the number of customers who are US based and trying to expand their reach into Europe but Tweet on their own time.

1.Understand the market you are targeting and the most effective times to reach these potential clients. Also understand that not everybody in the world works nine-to-five so do your homework first. 


Here is a very handy post from the team at Buffer on the best times to Tweet. In case you don’t bother to click on the link, it’s noon to 1pm in the US.

what is the best time to send a tweet


2.If you are targeting international markets then use something like Buffer to do this for you.


Line up your tweets and set a schedule. The Tweets will be automatically sent from your Twitter account as you sleep – magic.


3.The final point on this tip is to follow up. Just because you don’t get the message from Twitter straight away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow up. Back to a tip from earlier in this post – always follow up.

Additional resources on best times to tweet:


Buffer – What 4.8 Million Tweets Say About The Best Time To Tweet

7.Keep an eye on the Competition

Unless you have discovered how to make Unicorns you will have some competition in the market.


Unless you have discovered how to make Unicorns you will have some competition in the market. #marketing Click To Tweet

Each of these competitors should have a Twitter account so make sure to check them out and see what they are up to.


You can break this down into a few simple steps to push on and take more market share.

1.Identify your top 10 competitors. You should already know who they are but if it’s a new business venture then a simple Google search will show you who they are anyway.  


Search for each of them on Twitter first. If you have no joy then go back to their website. You will often find Twitter accounts that are run by a company but the name for whatever reason has nothing to do with the brand.


Drop these names into a blank spreadsheet.


2.Examine each of the Twitter accounts and see who they are interacting with.


Most of the information on Twitter is searchable and there is plenty of historical information available so make the most of this data lake.


Who are they interacting with? Who do they follow? Who follows them? Are they a potential client for your Business?


3.When you have identified your target list revert back to step one in this post and apply the same rules.


Not everybody is going to follow you but if you can get the right piece of information in front of the right customer you have a much better chance of making that next sale, plus you are taking more market share for your Business at the same time.

8.Connect Twitter to Everything Else

There are a few things we can talk about here and each has its own merits.

Twitter is only one part of your Social Profile but to take full advantage of it you need to link it to other elements in your Marketing portfolio.

Here are a couple of quick wins that will have a huge impact on your overall Twitter experience.

1.Link it to your website. This can take a few different forms. The most basic is to include a twitter icon linked back to your profile on your website.


Use a social sharing application in the sidebar of your website, that when clicked it tweets out the page you are on with a link back to your website.


2.Make sure to customise the headings and message for each tweet. This can be done with a plugin like Yoast if you are using WordPress to manage your website.


yoast twitter settings


  1. Click the sharing icon on the Yoast settings panel under your page or post.
  2. Click the Twitter Icon.
  3. If you want to use a different title to your post then you can enter it in here. A good idea is to add in a hashtag to help with reach.
  4. Add in a description of your post for the tweet.
  5. Make sure to add in a custom image that will show with the tweet. Size it at 1024×512 to take advantage of the large image function within Twitter. Save your options and next time somebody shares your post on Twitter this information will be pulled through.


Attach a featured image to your page or post that will be pulled straight into the pre-populated tweet but make sure you size it correctly as per the latest Twitter dimensions. 


twitter tips


Jamie Spencer has created a great infographic that shows Social Media image sizes for 2016 where you can find the best image sizes for Twitter.


3.Last thing you need to do is to embed a tweet straight into your page.


This nifty little trick prompts readers of your blog or post to send out a Tweet straight away.


You craft a catchy headline and because it’s right there in front of your reader –  if they like it – people will tweet it out for you. 


11 Actionable Twitter tips you Can Use Right Now #marketing Click To Tweet


You can also embed tweets directly from your twitter feed straight onto your page. Here is an example of a tweet I pulled straight from my feed.



9. Do more Research – Google’s all seeing eye…

Just like conducting research for a website or blog you can use the Google Keyword Planner to conduct research for your Tweets at the same time.


You need to know your market intimately if you want to grow your business so why not use the free tools provided to help you.


Most of your competition won’t do this, so advantage you!

1.First, setup a Google account and head over to the Google Keyword Planner.


It’s part of Google Adwords so you need an account but it’s FREE so why not. Click on ‘Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category‘.


This expands into a drop down section with a few more options.


2.A great tip here if you are conducting research on a competitor, is to drop their domain name into the Planner and see what associated keywords they show up for.


It gives you a great in-depth view of their online presence without having to look through their website…


3.You also get a rough guide as to how many times a particular term or phrase is searched for monthly, so you can gauge the size of the potential reach of your campaign before you even start.


Take these keywords and head back over to twitter. Run a few searches with these words – maybe drop in a hashtag first and see what comes back.


These terms are driving traffic to your competitor’s website so why not attack them from a different angle.


Your competitor’s clients may be on twitter so why not target them there, in real-time.

10.Get the Headline Right and you win every time

A Tweet is a bit like a headline for a blog post or page on your website.

It’s all about the headline and that makes all the difference when it comes to engagement after the fact. 

Headlines account for about 50% of your Blog effectiveness so why not promote it with an equally awesome tweet.

1.Neil Patel wrote a great blog post on how to write powerful headlines that will change the way you write headlines from now on.


A simple yet very powerful strategy that helps convert casual browsers into potential customers.


2.Use numbers in your Tweets and headlines. For example this post is called 11 Actionable tips you can use on twitter right now.


This particular headline is made up of a few key ingredients. Firstly the number 11 – I use numbers because they have a much higher click through rate than written words. Using uneven numbers also increases click through rate on tweets and posts.


I use the term ‘Actionable‘ because these are things that can be done by anybody – nothing too complex here, you just have to do it.


Using the word ‘You‘ helps to make it personal. This information is for you to use if you think it suits your business.


Finally I use the phrase ‘right now‘ because it gives you a timeline that you can work with – in this instance you can do it right now if you want to without any prep work.


To learn more on this particular topic then you should definitely check out A Data-Driven Guide to Creating Viral Content by Brian Dean of Backlinko. This post goes into great detail on how to create and drive traffic through viral content.


3.The last thing to look for is that your headline is unique.


A simple google search with your headline surrounded by “” will show you if it exists anywhere else online. If not, you are good to go.

11.Be consistent or go home and stay there

You can’t just setup a Twitter account, work it for week and then disappear.

It takes time and effort to get the most out of this platform.

You don’t need to work at it all day everyday, but set a time in your schedule and stick to it. Here are a few tricks I use to keep consistent.

1.Use tools like Buffer – as mentioned above to schedule some of my tweets. This keeps your brand image active on the platform.


2.Retweet other great content that has been shared online.


This helps overall engagement and helps to build long lasting working relationships online.


Plus if you retweet tweets from influential people they are more likely to follow your account and someday may retweet something you have posted – it may even be one of your services you offer which can lead to a flood of new customers.


3.Use an agency to manage your Twitter account for you.


I am slightly biased on this one because I run such an agency, but if you do not have the time in your busy schedule to do it yourself, then why not.


Once you get a positive return on your investment then everyone’s a winner.

It’s Your Turn


Now it’s time to actually put these powerful strategies into practice.



If you would like more easy to implement tips for Social Media Subscribe Here and we’ll update you as they come out.